November 17, 2015

Treatment for Dry Eye: Why Don’t Other Doctors Do This?

We all know that Chronic Dry Eye can be extremely frustrating and have a significant impact on a patient’s overall quality of life. It is always gratifying when you can help a patient get relief from their symptoms, particularly when they have tried many treatment options with no success.

Such was the case with one of my recent patients, a 92-year-old female with AMD OS>OD. She winters in Texas where she receives care from a retinal specialist. Despite her discomfort, no one had treated her Dry Eye Disease in the past. The patient is an artist who paints and she does a fair amount of computer work. Here are some facts about the case:

  • Treated with Avastin®/Lucentis® injections in her left eye regularly since 2007
  • BVA is 20/60 OD and 20/400 OS
  • Ongoing issues with dryness and discomfort OS>OD, which she attributes to her injections
  • Has some autoimmune problems; I recommended follow-up with her doctor for Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Used preservative-free artificial tears as well as Restasis®, however didn’t feel the Restasis helped after a six-month trial so stopped using it
  • Recently developed light sensitivity and found herself closing her left eye involuntarily
  • Although her visual acuity was 20/400, she felt like there was a haze over her eye and that her peripheral vision was worse
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