Our Technology

To provide a commercially available allograft, safety and stability must be ensured through tissue processing. Some processing methods inherently alter the tissue composition by compromising or eliminating key biological components. Our processing methods were specifically designed to optimize the preservation while also providing efficiencies in handling, storage, and product application.


Preserving as Much of Nature as Possible with CryoTek®

The BioTissue CryoTek cryopreservation process is the only tissue processing method shown to produce a matrix comparable to the native tissue. In conventional heat dehydration processing, critical biological components—including the majority of HC-HA/PTX3 naturally found in birth tissue—are degraded, which may limit the tissue’s healing capabilities.


Shelf-stable Products with our SteriTek® Process

Our proprietary SteriTek preservation process, utilized with Neox RT, yields a shelf-stable product without heat dehydration of the tissue. The tissue is cleaned, processed, and packaged in a manner similar to our CryoTek cryopreservation process, but utilizes saline as its storage medium. It is then terminally sterilized using gamma irradiation, yielding a fully hydrated product that can be stored at a controlled room temperature.

Human Amniotic Membrane