Product Support

For over 36 years, our purpose has been, and always will be, solving patients’ unmet clinical needs—meeting the challenges of complex wound healing. Everything we do to discover, develop, and bring products and applications to market is centered on improving the lives of patients, and trying to understand if there is a better way to heal your patients.

Product Inserts & Guides

Evidence-based healing with our entire product portfolio

By harnessing the power of human birth tissue donated by compassionate mothers, our trusted products – which have anti-inflammation and anti-scarring properties – help patients heal faster and bring the body back to its original state.

Regulatory and Quality

Providing safe and superior human birth tissue products

As a trusted partner, you can count on BioTissue to continue providing the innovative, reliable human tissue-based amniotic membrane products that help you as a healer in improving the lives of your patients.

Packaging and Storage

Simplify usage and storage without compromising functional integrity

From decades of research, our proprietary CryoTek® preservation process has been designed to maintain the native tissue than dehydration without the live cellular components to optimize safety and delivery.


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