Investigator – Initiated Studies

An Investigator-Initiated Study is a study in which a Health Care Professional (HCP) or organization other than BioTissue is the Study Sponsor, and where BioTissue only supports the conduct of the study by providing financial support or study product. This relates to investigations with humans, animal studies, and laboratory experiments. BioTissue supports studies related to:

  • Regenerative treatments for ocular surface indications and procedures
  • Diagnosis of ocular surface indications
  • Expanding the clinical applications of biologics and regenerative medicine treatments
  • Health economic evaluations of regenerative treatments
  • Use of regenerative treatments in preventing post-surgical wounds
  • Regenerative treatments for chronic and complex wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers


BioTissue will also review requests based on, but not limited to, scientific merit, unmet medical need, and alignment with the current company’s strategy. Please send all funding requests or questions about BioTissue’s funding process to [email protected]. When submitting a funding request, please make sure that the materials you provide BioTissue address the items listed below.

1. Requestor Information: Please provide background information on your company or organization and experience running studies.

2. Study Description: Please provide a detailed description of the study for which you are seeking funding. What are the study objectives and study design? What is the study rationale? Does this project already have a protocol? Does it have a sponsor and principal investigator? Is the study already approved by the IRB or IACUC? Does it involve BioTissue products? What therapeutic area does the study cover? What is the estimated study start date?

3. Request Type: How much funding are you seeking from BioTissue? What product and quantity are you seeking from BioTissue? Describe how the funds will be used, including specific details. If BioTissue is only funding a portion of the program costs how will the program be changed if additional funding sources do not occur as budgeted or anticipated? What date is the delivery of the grant requested?


BioTissue is committed to ensuring the independence and integrity of the investigator-initiated studies that we fund. Please send all funding requests or questions about BioTissue’s funding process in writing to: [email protected].