Tissue Donation

BioTissue Inc. procures all tissue through voluntary donation from donors within the United States. Donor eligibility requires a healthy mother to give full consent and to deliver a live, full-term birth via Caesarean section. Donor suitability is determined through social, physical and medical screening. This process is designed to ensure that each tissue is safe for transplantation.

Sharing Miracles

At Sharing Miracles, compassion and patient advocacy is at the heart of everything we do. We are grateful for the gift that mothers and their newborns make and are honored to facilitate this opportunity. We never forget the magnitude of this donation.

We are committed to ensuring the highest levels of integrity and care throughout the donation process with seamless communication between you, your physician, and your Sharing Miracles recovery specialist.

To learn more, you can contact our Sharing Miracles team by email [email protected] or phone 800-439-0522.

Partnership with Donate Life America

We are proud to announce that we are a Donate Life Partner. We kicked off our partnership by celebrating Donate Life National Blue and Green Day, in honor of those who have helped heal lives through the gift of tissue donation. We will be working with Donate Life America to raise public awareness about the importance of tissue donation to increase tissue donor registration.