September 20, 2017

“Why Intervene/5 D’s” Reference Guide Now Available Online

published on September 20, 2017 by Juli Bark, Vice President, Marketing 

To support doctors using Prokera® and inform others who may be interested in implementing BioTissue’s biologic corneal bandage device in your practice, we recently made our “Why Intervene/5 D’s” reference guide available to everyone online. This handy guide provides a quick reference to various indications where Prokera provides clinical value, and we received such positive feedback to the print version that we decided to offer it electronically.

The news of our guide availability was recently covered in an article “BioTissue makes the 5 D’s” available for all” in Ophthalmology Management. The “Why Intervene/5 D’s” reference document is a great tool for doctors and their staff to review the many indications and disease states where Prokera is recommended for treatment. The “5 Ds” refers to the following disease states:

  • Defect (e.g., corneal ulcers);
  • Delayed healing (including keratoconjunctivitis and keratitis)
  • Dystrophy (epithelial corneal dystrophy and recurrent erosion of the cornea)
  • Degeneration (band keratopathy and nodular corneal degeneration)
  • Damage (including burns and Stevens-Johnson syndrome).
  • Along with the indications for each category, the guide references clinical information, ICD-10 codes and supporting literature. The 5 D’s tool can be placed in your patient exam rooms for quick and easy reference.
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