The Most Human Way to Heal


Healing Vision. Restoring Life.

Early intervention is critical in eye care. Prokera® corneal bandages are designed for treating damaged corneas by creating an environment for regenerative healing.

A Vision of Modern Healing

They are easy-to-use and can be inserted in the office by a trained eye care professional. Because Prokera contains cryopreserved amniotic membrane tissue to promote healing, it excels at restoring a normal and healthy epithelium while minimizing the risk of scar tissue formation. Early intervention with Prokera supports restoration of the cornea’s own healing capabilities, reducing inflammation, improving corneal health, and optimizing long-term outcomes.1-7

Integration Made Easy

Prokera can be easily incorporated into any eye care practice to optimize outcomes.

  • Can be easily placed during a regular office visit or used with surgical interventions
  • May reduce the need for additional patient visits with slow or poor healing
  • Medical device classification ensures high reimbursement
  • Average Medicare reimbursement: $1,458
  • Minimizes a patient’s cost-burden of treatment
  • Easy-to-use packaging
  • Conveniently stored in any on-site refrigerator or freezer

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