October 31, 2023

BioTissue’s Innovative Human Amniotic Allografts Show Efficacy in Treating Complex Foot Ulcers and Traumatic Wounds in Case Studies

Clinical Researchers Unveil Latest Findings at the SAWC Fall Conference

MIAMI, October 31, 2023—At this week’s Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Fall meeting in Las Vegas, clinical researchers will present posters summarizing three case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of BioTissue Neox® RT and Neox® 1K human amniotic allografts in the management of complex foot ulcers and post-traumatic, complex wounds. BioTissue is a pioneer in the application of cryopreserved human birth tissue products for regenerative healing of chronic wounds, musculoskeletal conditions, and ocular surface disease and disorders.

“BioTissue is committed to showcasing the versatility and efficacy of our products across various use cases, reinforcing our mission to set a new standard in wound care and improve the quality of life for patients,” said BioTissue CEO Ted Davis. “These case studies underscore the effectiveness of our products, demonstrating their potential in diverse clinical applications.”

The three posters featuring BioTissue Neox will be available for viewing at SAWC:

Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers Using Hydrated, Sterile, Ultra-Thick Human Amniotic Membrane Allograft by Lawrence Chen, DPM, Podiatrist, El Camino Health

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs) are a substantial healthcare and quality of life concern, with a high non-healing rate often resulting in lower extremity amputation risk. Ultra-thick Amniotic Membrane (AM), offering anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring properties and convenient room temperature storage, can assist in wound healing when standard care proves ineffective.
  • This case study series follows three patients with DFUs that utilized ultra-thick AM allograft treatment without sharp debridement. Results showed that patients with various health issues, including diabetes, hypertension, and sepsis, experienced significant healing, with some achieving full healing, using AM applications within a relatively short time frame.

Management of Morel-Lavallee Lesion After Pelvic Internal Fixation Using Ultra-Thick, Cryopreserved Human Amniotic Membrane Allograft by Christopher Stewart, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Baptist

  • Pelvic ring injuries are often the result of high-energy trauma and are typically treated with internal or external skeletal fixation. Morel-Lavellee Lesions (MLLs), while relatively rare, are challenging to manage and carry a significant risk of infection, leading to complex, slow-healing wounds.
  • This case study shows that using ultra-thick, cryopreserved AM allografts effectively accelerated wound healing and reduced complications, leading to substantial reduction in wound size and complete closure within 7.5 months, offering a promising treatment for infected surgical wounds following pelvic internal fixation.

Treatment of Post-traumatic, Fracture Blister Necrosis and Morel-Lavallee Lesion-related Wounds Using Ultra-Thick, Cryopreserved Human Amniotic Membrane Allograft by Christopher Stewart, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Baptist

  • High-energy traumatic fractures often lead to extensive soft-tissue damage and associated complications like tissue loss, infection, pain, and amputation. Although various treatments have been proposed for post-traumatic wounds, ultra-thick cryopreserved AM has gained popularity for its anti-inflammatory properties in wound healing.
  • This case study demonstrated the successful use of ultra-thick cryopreserved AM allografts in promoting rapid wound healing in a 78-year-old patient with diabetes and traumatic injuries, with visible graft incorporation and complete healing achieved within 21-weeks.

Dr. Chen’s and Dr. Stewart’s posters, entries CS-043, CS-133, and CS-134 respectively, will be available for viewing on Saturday, November 4, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit sawcfall.com/abstracts.

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BioTissue is an emerging biotechnology company and leader in harnessing the unique power of human birth tissue to support regenerative healing for ocular surface disease and in surgical, chronic wound, and musculoskeletal applications. BioTissue’s portfolio of cryopreserved amniotic membrane products use its proprietary CryoTek® cryopreservation technology, designed to retain the tissue’s structural and functional integrity. The company continues to break new ground with multiple investigational new drug clinical trials as the company pursues Biologics License Applications (BLAs) for products to treat patients’ unmet clinical needs. BioTissue is committed to empowering healthcare professionals with solutions to deliver optimal patient outcomes by fostering innovation through evidence-based science. Since its inception, clinicians have performed over 800,000 human implants with its products and published over 390 peer-reviewed studies supporting BioTissue’s platform technology. Learn more at biotissue.com.

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