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January 2021

• BioTissue Holdings Inc. represents and warrants that no cash, equity interest, or other forms of remuneration have been offered or shall be offered to a Provider as an inducement to purchase or to influence purchase of BioTissue Holdings Inc’s products.

• Provider certifies that all information provided to ioTissue Holdings Inc is true and that they have not received any

• The Provider directory is for informational purposes only and not a recommendation from TioTissue Holdings Inc for a specific provider, or a guarantee of the outcome of any treatment a Provider gives.

• Provider will make independent decisions regarding patient treatment options.

• Provider is under no obligation to prescribe or use BioTissue Holdings Inc product(s) for patients.

• Provider shall not share patient information with ioTissue Holdings Inc, unless Provider receives prior written consent from the patient.

• At any time, Provider may opt-out of the directory listing by contacting us here.

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