Read what doctors and patients are saying about Prokera®

“For many years, I suffered in pain from my dry eyes which eventually led to a corneal ulcer. My eyes were constantly itchy and red and my vision fluctuated. The treatment with PROKERA was quick and simple, and felt similar to a contact lens being inserted. My vision has improved, which is crucial to me as an artist. Prokera has truly changed my quality of life and brought me back to feeling normal again.”

– Patient

Read what doctors and patients are saying about AmnioGraft®

“Amniograft enables me to prevent inflammation, scarring, promote rapid regenerative healing post-operatively, in a manner not achievable with denatured tissue. Amniograft also preserves the cellular architecture of the tissue and hence retains intraoperative resilience, workability, and handling – much like an ‘instant pre-packaged autograft’ — allowing for superior, efficient, and reproducible surgical results.”

– Neel Desai, MD, Tampa Bay, Florida

“Dr. Sally Mellgren performed the above procedure [AmnioGraft for Mechanical Dry Eye] on my right eye and on my left eye. I experienced no problems with the recovery from the procedures. My vision and clarity was much improved and I would recommend it for others experiencing the same problems.”

– Shirley Slentz

“As a sales professional and someone who makes their living interacting with the public, I often had people comment my eyes appeared to be red and tired looking. Finally, I reached a point where it was time to address my problem! After doing some research, I concluded there was an “old way” of performing pterygium surgery, and a “newer, more advanced method” using the Amniograft. I decided to go for it. Two years later, I could not be happier! The recovery time and healing process was completely uneventful, and my eyes look great!”

– Mark Hayward, Tear Science