Wound Healing Awareness Month

June is Wound Healing Awareness Month. As we conclude our Wound Healing Awareness Month campaign we take this time to raise awareness, featuring the health care professionals who treat chronic and complex wounds and highlighting the use of cryopreserved amniotic membrane allograft as an adjunct therapy to help promote wound healing.

The BioTissue Difference

Meeting The Clinical and Economic Challenge of Complex Wound Healing

The BioTissue comprehensive family of human birth tissue allografts provides Mother Nature’s most natural gift to help expedite regenerative healing across a wide range of specialties as the adjunct for acute and chronic wound applications by:

  • Facilitating wound healing
  • Managing discomfort
  • Managing adhesions
  • Expediting functional recovery while reducing the cost of care1-3

Biological Tissue Provides the Most Human Form of Healing

We are in a race against time to heal surgical and chronic wounds. BioTissue Surgical products provide the natural healing properties of human birth tissue to the wound. The Neox® line of human amniotic membrane allografts help support regenerative healing and functional recovery for a variety of wounds—ranging from common surgical wounds to complex chronic wounds.4-10

  • High closure rates
  • Fewer applications
  • Expedited healing while reducing the cost of care

Our fight against chronic wounds continues…

Below you will find the Wound Care Chronicles infographic which details the alarming facts impacting the quality of life for patients who suffer from chronic wounds and how BioTissue is doing it’s part to help!


Dr. Fusco’s Experience with Neox

As part of our Wound Care Warriors series, we’d like to share a video from Dr. Thomas Fusco, DPM, FACFAS a Foot & Ankle Specialist and Podiatric Surgeon with Orthopaedic Associates in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

A Wound Care Warrior harnessing the power of Neox cryopreserved ultra-thick amniotic membrane allografts, Dr. Fusco appreciates that Neox is easy to handle and to place and stays in place on the wound. He also likes the fact that the product doesn’t crumble or fall apart.

Watch Dr. Fusco’s video below to see firsthand his experience with Neox.


Dr. Fusco's Testimony

“I had a patient come in today who’s had a wound for almost a year. He had one graft application last week to the bottom of his foot, came in today, and his foot is already healed… He [patient] is very happy to be walking on his foot again.” – Dr. Thomas Fusco

The Power of Human Birth Tissue

Dr. Fusco’s patient presented with end-stage renal disease on dialysis. Venous insufficiency and lower extremity edema, and hypertension. ​He was in a car accident approximately 30 years prior.

The patient had an open draining wound on his leg for over a year and was recommended amputation. As a healer and to avoid amputation Dr. Fusco talked to the patient about Neox and the power of human birth tissue. A patient with multiple comorbidities and a desire to prevent amputation is our focus to alleviate suffering and address the patient unmet needs realizing the full potential of regenerative therapy.

Dr. Fusco excised the wound in the OR, removed the infected bone, packed with antibiotic cement, and removed the hardware. He applied Neox 1K directly over the bone and attempted closure knowing it would open​. The healing cascade and the power of our product is seen in these images.



We are attending WoundCon Summer 2023

There are two in-booth presentations with Ken C. Nguyen, DPM. Sign up today and join us virtually July 14th!

  • 12:00 PM EDT – The Natural Healing Power of Human Birth Tissue as an Adjunct for Chronic Wounds
  • 4:50 PM EDT – Lower Extremity Wound Healing Using Human Birth Tissue
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Featured Patient Stories

A diabetic patient who contracted COVID and developed clots in his leg and had to have a hemipelvectomy. His wound developed MRSA. The patient was placed on palliative care, but his surgeon did not give up. She debrided the patient’s wound and used Neox on the wound site. She was unsure Neox would be enough, especially since this was her first time using it. The patient’s wound has since healed, and he is on his way to a second chance at life. Not all heroes wear capes, but our Wound Care Warriors harness the power of Neox to help save lives one leg at a time.

Neox Patient

Jim was working with a doctor who was frustrated with a non-healing complex chronic wound on one of his terminally ill patients. The patient had wounds in both feet that had not healed over one and a half years. Jim asked the doctor for the chance to show him what Neox could do for that patient. The patient, a 47-year-old male, had lost all ten of his toes to amputation and had other comorbidities, including type 2 diabetes and pancreatic cancer. The doctor was sure he’d need to amputate this patient’s legs if his wounds did not heal. He had already tried other allografts that failed to achieve closure. The doctor placed two Neox 1K applications on the right foot, which completely healed after two months, and the left foot required three applications. When Jim saw the patient during his final application of Neox, the patient held a new pair of custom-made orthopedic shoes and was ecstatic to wear shoes again. He thanked Jim profusely and said, “Even if I ‘go’ soon, I am so happy to be able to walk and enjoy my family now!”

Jim Bishop, BioTissue Surgical Rep

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