CLARIX Surgical Matrix

CLARIX® Surgical Allograft

Harness the Power of Human Birth Tissue

Developed by pioneers in the field of regenerative medicine, CLARIX cryopreserved umbilical cord allograft delivers the innate properties of amniotic tissue to facilitate the healing process across a range of surgical specialties.

With CLARIX, you’re able to transplant the innate biology to the surgical site, thus supporting a more structured healing environment, helping to manage regenerative healing, and facilitating your patient’s functional recovery. For more information on the unique biology of amniotic tissue and the science behind our products, read about our restorative tissue technology.

CLARIX delivers a more structured healing environment to support


CLARIX: A Comprehensive Family of Amniotic Surgical Solutions

Amniox Medical provides a full array of amniotic products for any surgical need with improved strength, ranging from amniotic membrane (CLARIX 100) to umbilical cord matrices (CLARIX CORD 1K):

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Harness the Power of CLARIX Cryopreserved Umbilical Cord

The Right Size and Product to Suit Your Clinical Needs

Surgical Applications

With a proven history of over 600,000 procedures, our umbilical cord allografts have successfully been utilized in a wide range of procedures with no known history of rejection and disease transmission1. The potential surgical applications cover numerous specialties.

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For Health Care Providers: Product inserts and information related to the safe and effective use of our products are available on the Physician Portal by clicking the button below:

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*The techniques presented in this case study are for informational purposes only. Each surgeon must evaluate the appropriateness of the techniques based on his or her own medical training and expertise. Many variables including patient pathology, anatomy, and surgical techniques may influence procedural outcomes. While these clinical experiences are valid, the results are not necessarily typical, indicative or representative of all procedures in which TissueTech’s products are utilized. TissueTech’s product line has been used successfully in many patients by physicians of varying specialties during a variety of medical procedures, and complications, reactions, and/or adverse events are possible with any medical intervention. It is not possible to predict or warrant specific results, nor is it possible to guarantee patient and/or clinician satisfaction.