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BioTissue’s Find-A-Surgeon directory aims to connect patients with healthcare providers who can deliver better patient outcomes through the use of amniotic membrane and umbilical cord products in their treatment protocol. To be included in the list, you must have experience using amniotic membrane or umbilical cords allograft products.

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Distinguishing FeatureATD Dry EyeMechanical Dry Eye
Diurnal variation
Worse gaze
Worse in PMSame throughout the day
Up gazeDown gaze
Effect of vigorous blinkingSymptoms improvedSymptoms worsened
Recurrent subconjunctival hemorrhageInfrequentFrequent
Flourescein staining patternLow tear meniscus without interruptionTear meniscus interruption or obliteration
Tear clearanceNormal/DelayedFrequently delayed
Rose bengal stainingExposure zoneNon-exposure zone
Effect of punctal occlusionSymptoms improvedSymptoms worsened