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We Are BioTissue – NSM 2022 Recap

Rebranding Toolkit: Everything You Need to Know

As you all know by now, we are BioTissue. We’ve rebranded our look and feel and even the spelling of our name. (We no longer have a hyphen between Bio and Tissue). In this toolkit, you’ll find frequently asked questions (FAQs) and talking points to help you answer your customers’ questions.

There is also a press release and folder with our new branding templates for letterhead, PowerPoint presentations, and email signature, as well as the do’s and don’ts on how to use our logo. We also included email templates you can copy and customize when you reach out to your customers.

Whether you’re on the Ocular or Surgical side of the business, we’ve created a Rebranding Toolkit in Mediafly to help you explain these changes.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these materials. They have everything you need to help your customers better understand these changes and what it means to them and their practice.

NSM Photos & Presentations

Did you have a great time at NSM and find yourself wishing you had photos of this incredible event? Well, you’re in luck. We have an entire folder of photos documenting this year’s National Sales Meeting.

Photos of all three days are in this shared folder. Feel free to download your pictures at your convenience. If you’re posting on social media, feel free to tag BioTissue so that we can like and share. Enjoy!

Corporate Rebrand Live Webinar for Customers

biotissue logo

On March 9, 2022, we will be hosting a live webinar to explain to your customers what our rebrand means and what they can expect from it. We ask that you invite them personally to hear from our new President & CEO, Ted Davis, and Tom Williamson, CCO. Ted will walk your customers through his vision for the company. Tom will then share insight into the rebranding and how the BioTissue name and legacy will help us achieve our vision of realizing the full potential of regenerative therapy. We will also have special guest physicians who will be talking about the positive impact of our products on their patients’ lives and in their own practice.

We will be sending out PDF invitations this week so please keep an eye out for communication on this webinar. We encourage you to personally reach out to your customers and invite them to attend.

NSM Presentations on Mediafly

mediafly logo

There was a lot of great information to digest at this year’s NSM over two days. If you find yourself wishing you had taken better notes, you are in luck. All of the presentations are on Mediafly for your convenience. Feel free to polish your knowledge and revisit the materials presented at NSM.

Mediafly is your digital toolbox and an excellent resource full of sales collaterals, presentations, clinical evidence, case studies, templates, and your one-stop-shop for success. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this app and everything it contains. It was thoughtfully designed with the help of the Executive Council and sales leadership to make sure you are set up for success. Pro tip: a tool is only as good as the hands that wield it.

Local Events and Meeting Participation Sponsorship

We all know the importance of attending conferences for networking and meeting new clients. Is there an event or meeting you’d like to attend and need sponsorship? No problem, we’ve got you covered as long as you give at least six weeks of notice to get you registered and pre-approval from your RSD. If there is an upcoming event you’d like to attend, please fill out the request form here.

Business Cards

Need updated business cards that reflect the new BioTissue Brand? Order them in the link below.

Neox® 100 and Neox 1K Added to BCBS SC


Tim Hunter, VP of Reimbursement and Government Affairs, had been speaking to the medical director BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) of South Carolina (SC) for some time, trying to get Neox® 100 and Neox® 1K covered. Tim found out that the medical director was an ophthalmologist and appealed to his background by explaining the platform technology behind Amniox (the company name at the time of this conversation). Coincidentally, the medical director mentioned the works of Dr. Tseng and how our product was similar to his technology and even told Tim to reach out to him.

Joanne Long, Value Access & Reimbursement Manager, had the idea to leverage the innovation of BioTissue and the rich history of the more than 36 years of NIH grants and over 360 peer-reviewed studies in a cover letter to the medical director of BCBS of SC.

In the cover letter, Joanne used sales training messaging and mentioned how this is the same platform technology used in Prokera, which is covered now for 12 conditions by BCBS of SC, and stated that it works in the wounds just like it does in the eye. The BioTissue name brought legitimacy to our wound product.

The medical director granted Neox 100 and Neox 1K coverage under BCBS of SC for Treatment of Non-healing Diabetic Lower Extremity Ulcers. Out of 100 similar products to Neox 100 and Neox 1K, BioTissue Surgical has two of the eight amniotic products covered by BCBS of SC. As a company, coverage of Neox 100 and Neox 1K is a monumental step toward getting approval from BCBS across the country and VAC approval in hospitals for these products.

“If there is one takeaway to this story, it is that the name change and consolidation of companies to BioTissue make it easier to buy into our products because of our history,” said Tim.

One small step for Tim and Joanne, one giant leap for BioTissue Surgical.

Newsflash: Wound Epidemic Broke the News

If you attended the Surgical presentation during NSM, you were part of the live studio recording with Barbara Vazquez and Diane Oxley, famous News Anchors at BWSB (BioTissue Wound and Surgical Biologics), on the topic of the Wound Epidemic. It was a fantastic treat to watch Barbara and Diane in their element. Many were starstruck by their presence that it was challenging to focus on the field reporters. Therefore, we’ve included the replay of the top stories from the field.

Thank you, Barb and Diane, and all the field reporters for your contribution to educating the public and breaking the news on the realities of Diabetes and BioTissue’s role in solving unmet clinical needs.

Breathing New Life Into Old Business

Cameron Scalzo, Ocular Sales Representative for the Northeast, joined BioTissue in September 2021 and set out a goal to regain lost business with strategic lunch and dinner programs. He set his eyes on Watertown Eye Center, a practice in Watertown, NY, with two locations, three MDs, and one OD.

Cameron noticed that this customer went from $40K a year in Prokera® business to $9K in 2020 and $4K in 2021. He discovered that Watertown switched to dehydrated and was in the process of signing a contract for dehydrated for 30 pieces per month for a little less than $200/pc. In conversation, it became clear that the doctors did not know how to use it in practice. Cameron reeducated the customer on using it for Dry Eye Disease with ocular surface involvement.

Watertown placed their first order of 100 units of Prokera at $64K on January 3rd, 2022. Cameron then immersed them further by inviting their office to an Ocular Surface Biologics Course (OSBC) at Ridge Eye Institute, Paradise, CA, hosted by Dr. Barthelow and Eddie Shaldone, Ocular Sales Representative for the West. After the OSBC, Watertown Eye Center used over 60 Prokera on appropriate patients. They are looking to place a second order before the end of February.

Congratulations on your efforts and hard work, Cameron. This success story is proof that with the proper activities and resources, even whales can be resuscitated with the right measure.

Sample Tissue Request is Now Online

BioTissue Ocular can now order sample tissue through an online form. If you need to order samples, click here.