• Unmatched thickness for superior handling
    CLARIX® CORD 1K cryopreserved umbilical cord allograft as an adjunct to surgery supports superior outcomes1-2
  • No specific orientation
    For worry-free application during surgery
  • Easy to place at the surgical site
    Requires minimal or no additional operating room time

Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy


CLINICAL HISTORY: 52-year-old healthy male with no other medical history was found to have elevated PSA of 4.5. A multiple core biopsy of the prostate showed evidence of high grade cancer with Gleason 7 (4+3) score, while the metastatic work-up came back negative. Patient had no voiding issues, and has excellent erectile function with SHIM score of 24/25. There are many different treatment options for prostate cancer, however…

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Helps Support a Regenerative Healing Environment

Helps support a regenerative healing environment and the restoration of urinary and sexual function after radical prostatectomy.2-3

  • Supports a pro-regenerative environment
  • Supports expedited wound healing and functional recovery3
  • Reduces adhesion formation
  • Helps restore tissue function
  • Cryopreserved amniotic membrane has also been recognized by the the FDA as reducing inflammation and scarring on the ocular surface4


For over 30 years, our pioneering scientists have focused on understanding the regenerative features of human birth tissue—ultimately identifying HC-HA/PTX3 as a key orchestrator in regenerative healing4 in the human fetal environment.

Our CRYOTEK® Cryopreservation Process has been shown to preserve the structural and functional integrity of the native tissue significantly better than heat dehydration, thereby delivering the benefits of the natural tissue to the wound.4,6


Dr. Ravi Munver (Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, New Jersey) showed application of UC allograft during nerve-sparing (NS) robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostastectomy (RALP) improved recovery of potency. At 6 months, 75% of patients in the UC group (n=16) were potent compared to 57% in the control group (n=16) (p<0.001). At this 12 months, this trend continued with 88% vs 69% potency (p<0.001).3


Dr. Mutahar Ahmed (NJ Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology, Maywood, NJ> reported 65% of patients (n=100) receiving UC were continent at 4 weeks compared to 44% of control patients (n=100) (p=0.018), 83% vs 70% at 3 months (p=0.03) and 97% vs 87% at 12 months (p=0.009).3






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