May 3, 2017

BioTissue Announces Global Online Purchase Availability for Cliradex® Light and Website Relaunch

BioTissue®, a business unit  of TissueTech, Inc., today announced the global online availability of its newest product Cliradex® Light advanced foaming eyelid cleanser on its newly redesigned website, International purchases may be directed to Amazon Marketplace.

Cliradex Light – which was launched last year and quickly realized high consumer and physician office demand – is ideal for preventative eyelid care, everyday ocular hygiene and mild-to-moderate ocular irritation.

“Cliradex Light occupies a unique position in the ocular surface disease spectrum as an at-home therapy for patients suffering from ocular irritation due to mild blepharitis,” said Thomas Daniells, Chief Commercial Officer at BioTissue.

The global Cliradex Light product launch, which coincides with the website relaunch, will enable a more intuitive user experience focused on the theme of “Find Your Escape from Ocular Irritation” to highlight the product’s importance in a daily eye care regimen.

The new site also features:

  • An integrated branding experience with our packaging for consistency.
  • Product placement for easy access to important information.
  • Our money back guarantee, which is also given prominent visibility.
  • A new blog with a Facebook news-feed

Cliradex products are hygienic products designed to clean the eyelids and surrounding skin to alleviate and prevent symptoms of blepharitis and other lid margin diseases. Blepharitis is primarily caused by eyelid bacteria.

Bacteria and microbes feed on oils and create waste; damaging the ocular environment. If left untreated, these factors can also lead to more severe diseases such as dry eye.

Cliradex products are natural, preservative-free lid, lash and facial cleansers formulated with 4-Terpineol, a molecule found in tea tree oil.

Cliradex Light works best for mild-to-moderate blepharitis, and is also recommended for maintenance use after Cliradex towelettes are discontinued in the treatment of moderate-to-severe blepharitis and for Demodex mites.


About BioTissue

BioTissue, a business unit of TissueTech, Inc., develops and markets regenerative therapies that are advancing the standard of care for treating the ocular surface. The company’s products include: Prokera®, a FDA-cleared biologic corneal bandage device, comprised of cryopreserved amniotic tissue, for early intervention of ocular surface disease and conditions; AmnioGraft®, a surgical graft for repairing and restoring a healthy ocular surface; and Cliradex® wipes and foam cleanser, which are a natural, preservative-free lid, lash and facial cleanser formulated with 4-Terpineol (T4O). BioTissue’s products are backed by years of scientific research and clinical studies.

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