January 19, 2016

TissueTech Announces Partnership with Orient EuroPharma as Exclusive Distributor of its Ophthalmic Products in Southeast Asia

MIAMI, FL., January 19th, 2016 – TissueTech Inc., a privately held biotechnology company and a leader in regenerative healing therapies, today announced that Orient EuroPharma Co,. Ltd (OEP) will be the Company’s exclusive distributor of its ophthalmic products in Southeast Asia, specifically in Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with such a well established healthcare company to help commercialize our products in Southeast Asia,” said Amy Tseng, President and Chief Executive Officer, TissueTech. “Through its local market knowledge, regulatory affairs capabilities and established sales network, Taiwan-based OEP will help pave the way for additional expansion and efforts to bring our groundbreaking regenerative medicine products and innovative treatments for managing ocular surface diseases to eye care professionals in Southeast Asia.”

TissueTech ’s core products include cryopreserved amniotic membrane tissue preserved with its proprietary CryoTek® method that ensures the tissue retains its innate therapeutic actions scientifically proven to orchestrate the healing process in a multitude of ophthalmic clinical applications. The Company’s regenerative therapies and technologies are provided through its commercial subsidiaries: BioTissue® Inc., the leader in regenerative biologic therapies and ocular hygiene solutions for the treatment of ocular surface diseases and disorders in the eye care market, and Amniox Medical Inc., a leading provider of regenerative tissue therapies to the musculoskeletal and wound care markets.

About TissueTech
TissueTech, Inc. is a leader in regenerative amniotic tissue-based products for use in the ophthalmology, optometry, musculoskeletal, and wound care markets. The NIH has supported research by TissueTech with more than 25 continuous years of research grants. Since its inception in 2001, over 200,000 human implants have been conducted using the Company’s proprietary CryoTek method and more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific publications and clinical studies have been produced supporting the technology platform. The Company has pioneered the clinical application of human amniotic membrane and its role in stem cell research. The Company’s first product, AmnioGraft®, is the only tissue graft designated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as homologous for promoting ophthalmic wound healing while suppressing scarring and inflammation. In 2015, TissueTech received the prestigious Tibbetts Award by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for its achievements in regenerative medicine.

About BioTissue
BioTissue, Inc., a subsidiary of TissueTech, is a privately held ophthalmic biotechnology company that develops innovative wound healing and hygiene solutions for the prevention and treatment of ocular surface diseases and disorders. BioTissue provides a comprehensive line of cryopreserved amniotic membrane ocular wound healing products, including AmnioGraft, a biologic ocular transplantation graft; AmnioGuard®, a biologic glaucoma shunt tube graft; and the Prokera® family of biologic corneal bandage devices. These products incorporate human amniotic membrane processed with the Company’s proprietary CryoTek method proven to preserve the biological properties of amniotic membrane and umbilical cord tissue essential for anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring effects compared with the dehydration method that drastically alters the structural and biological integrity of this tissue.1 BioTissue also developed and markets the Cliradex® line of products, a natural lid, lash and facial cleanser with 4-Terpineol, the active component of tea tree oil (TTO), for the management of symptoms in ocular diseases such as blepharitis, demodex, and rosacea.

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